"A Cupcake is happiness with icing on top" 

Sweet Gallery specialize in scratch baked cupcakes made from finest ingredients with European Twist.  All of our cupcakes are made and baked fresh everyday. Enjoy our favorite every day in-house flavors: Vanilla, Vanilla with chocolate icing, Chocolate with vanilla icing, chocolate and red velvet. If you would like some special cupcakes, please check our monthly calendar. 

Cupcake Pricing (before tax):

 Regular size cupcake $3.25

 By dozen $33

 Mini cupcakes $1.39

 By dozen $15


Almond Joy
Andes Mint
Banana Split
Carrot Cake
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chubby Hubby
German Chocolate
Hot Chocolate
Lemon Drop
Monster Cookie Dough
Strawberry Shortcake

Sweet Gallery Cups`n Cakes